Become a local YOU.FO Promoter


Are you ready to fly that ring? We are looking for ambitious, sporty and socially active people who love to build a local YOU.FO community.

You will be the face of our company and promote our flying ring in your local community. If you enjoy outdoor activities, socializing with people, having a good time playing sports but also have an entrepreneurial mindset we would like to meet you.

Do you want to walk around all day in a YOU.FO shirt, please continue reading…

Why would you join?

Because you would like to have fun with like-minded sporty people, get together and become part of the YOU.FO adventure and legacy.

And if you are good at what you do, you can create a growth model in terms of income.


First of all, you would love to organize, bring people together and be social. But, we will also guide you in the process of starting your own local community and grow it from scratch.

About the social part, just throw a YOU.FO ring at someone and see how he or she reacts, if he or she tries to catch it, you have a match ;)!


What is in it for you:

  • Become part of the YOU.FO legacy.
  • 50% off all purchases.
  • Revenue from workshops, events, tournaments and sales (30% commission on purchases via your account).
  • Free certification as official YOU.FO instructor.
  • Logistical help with starting a community/club at your school, university or neighborhood.


To be a successful YOU.FO promoter, you will need to play YOU.FO with your friends and family, create new communities of players, organise regular events.

We expect you to create and maintain local YOU.FO communities, organize and participate in events, actively promote hardware and organize regular meet-ups.

Apply now and become a YOU.FO promoter.


YOU.FO Ambassador in Utrecht
YOU.FO Ambassador in Utrecht