We believe that YOU.FO is for everybody. YOU.FO World stands for interplay dynamics, self-expression, creativity, and inclusion. We believe in access for all to sports and fun.

YOU.FO For charity

YOU.FO believes that sport should be accessible for everyone. For that reason, after each 19th YOU.FO set that has been sold via our own web shop, we give away the 20th YOU.FO set for free to charity.

This gives each and everyone around the globe that loves playing sports the opportunity to play YOU.FO.

Return to sender (r2s)

Because the world is already filled with plastic products, we strongly believe all products need to be recycled. For this reason, we work with the ‘return to sender’ principle.

If you no longer use our YOU.FO products and/or they are worn out, you can simply send them to our warehouse (Ijsseldijk 29, 7325 WX Apeldoorn, The Netherlands). For us there are two options.

  • Recycling

We work completely closed loop; where new, high-quality products are made from used plastic. Without loss of quality and 100% circular. In addition to our circular way of working, we strive for a maximum CO2 reduction.

  • Accessibility

We repair the products and/or complete the set with new parts. Afterwards we give it away for free to an underprivileged on this globe who can’t afford a YOU.FO set itself. This gives everybody the opportunity to play YOU.FO, have fun and create a healthy lifestyle doing sports.

Trees for all

Every year 3.5 billion trees are lost. With disastrous consequences for people, animals, and climate. For that reason, we plant trees and restore existing forest and raise awareness about the need for trees. YOU.FO is partner with Trees for All (https://treesforall.nl/en/) and for every 5th YOU.FO set that is sold via our web shop, a tree is planted,

Playful people for planet and profit (PPPP)

We want the YOU.FO community to be involved in our adventure. Our dream is to become a globally celebrated sports and leisure game and have lots of people around the globe enjoying happiness and joy playing YOU.FO.

If you are enthusiastic about YOU.FO, you can become a YOU.FO PPPP Ambassador. Meaning Playful People for Planet and Profit. It means that you receive your personal discount code, using this discount code your family and friends are receiving 10% discount on their YOU.FO order via our web shop.

In addition, to the discount for your friends and family, you as an ambassador have the opportunity to receive 10% commission, give away 10% commission to Trees for All  (https://treesforall.nl/en/), or receive 5% commission and give away 5% commission to Trees for all.

Do you want to become a YOU.FO PPPP Ambassador? Please let us know via the contact form below.