one of the fastest growing sport games in the world has now arrived in australia

Dynamic: YOU.FO is a unique game, without out-of-bounds and if the ring falls on the ground, simply ‘claim it’ and continue playing. Making it a fun, challenging and dynamic sports and leisure game for all.

Fair play: YOU.FO is all about fair play and friendship. The game is played self-regulated, non-contact and mixed-gender. One of the most important aspects is the respect for the game and your opponents.

Competitive fun: YOU.FO is all about getting together for some competitive fun. It can be played freestyle or competitive, one-on-one or in teams, on each surface (in the park, on the beach and even indoors).

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Do you want to become an ambassador, player or partner (or sponsor), feel free to contact us.

YOU.FO Australia

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What is possible?

Introduce YOU.FO at your school, sportclub or community: Book a workshop or set up a meeting now with one of our local ambassadors. This way you can rent YOU.FO equipment or arrange a workshop.

Become part of the World Cup team: On June 29th and 30th 2024 the World Cup will take place in the city centre of Bruges, Belgium. We are looking for players and partners (sponsors).

Get equipment: It is possible to purchase YOU.FO equipment via one of our resellers in Australia: Hart Sports, Eagle Sports or Fair Play Sports.

YOU.FO is a game for all ages.”

— Jerome

the thing i like about you.fo is that it is challenging at the beginning, but you can get the hang of it really quickly.

— Matty

I really love playing YOU.FO. What i really like about it is the quick pace of the game. if it falls on the ground, just claim it and continue playing.

— Josh

Why should you play YOU.fO?

Unique and innovative: YOU.FO is a innovative new sports and leisure game from Amsterdam (Europe), become part of this global community of sports loving people.

Become part of the global community: YOU.FO is already played in 35+ countries worldwide. This Summer the YOU.FO World Cup will take place in Belgium (more information).

Health benefits: YOU.FO has lots of proven health benefits. For example and increased mental acuity, improvement of cardiovascular health and much more.