Location: Bruges, Belgium

  • In the city center (UNESCO World Heritage) of the historic city of Bruges, Belgium.
  • On a big (8500m2) public square: ‘t Zand.
  • Surface will be: Urban / Concrete.

Date: Sunday June 30th 2024 Location: Bruges, Belgium

  • The 2024 YOU.FO World will be a one-day event: Sunday June 30th 2024.
  • But, there will be a YOU.FO Global Gathering again day prior to the World Cup: Saturday June 29th 2024.

2024 World Cup partners

Important practical information


  • It is an Open World Cup, meaning there can be multiple teams per country.
  • Teams consist of minimum 3 players and maximum 5 players.
  • Each team member needs to be 14 years or older.
  • Teams are mixed-gender, so all genders are allowed in a team (no minimum or maximum).
  • Registration is now open, check application form below.
  • For more information on team registration, feel free to contact us.


  • We have a unique offer for lodging (Sportshome Campus).
  • Rooms for 4 or 5 persons (so per team) are possible, with a maximum capacity of 128 beds.
  • The unique price is €19,50 per person, per night.
  • Photos Sporthome Campus are shared below, and other options are also provided below.
  • You can arrange lodging after registration.

Registration fee

  • We have a discounted registration fee until April 1st 2024.
  • Registration fee is €40,- per person, but until April 1st 2024 the discounted price will be €25,- per person.
  • Which includes participation in the 2024 World Cup and participation in the 2024 YOU.FO World Global Gathering (tourist activity, social event, and more).
  • After registration, you will receive a payment link via email.

Register for YOU.FO Cup 2024

Please enter a number from 3 to 5.

“We are very proud that the 2024 World Cup YOU.FO will be hosted in our city.”

— Jorgi Swimberghe
Head of Sports | City Bruges Belgium

“This will be the biggest event we ever hosted.”

— Giel Bos
Director of sports | YOU.FO World

““Our image as a innovative sports city is once again being highlighted with this amazing international event.”

Franky Demon (CD&V)
Sports Councilor | City of Bruges Belgium

“Really looking forward to being part of this amazing event, community and group of people again.”

— Juyoung Cho
Coach | YOU.FO South Korea



  • Rooms are €19,50 per night, per person.
  • There is a maximum capacity of 128 beds, so make sure to register your room as soon as possible.
  • Rooms are small, dated, but neat and clean (see pictures).
  • Each room has a shower and sink (as shown on picture).
  • Each room has bunk beds.
  • Each room can be locked with a key.
  • Each room has a desk and wardrobes.

Other options:

  • If you prefer a different hotel, we suggest the following options:
  • Booking.com
  • Airbnb.com
  • Expedia.com
  • It is possible (also for the Sportshome) to book more days than just the weekend, this can be arranged in collaboration with the WC organization.

2024 World Cup partners

Program saturday June 29th 2024

  • 9.00 Breakfast
  • 10.30 Tourist activity
  • 13.00 Lunch
  • 14.30 Global gathering
  • 18.00 BBQ
  • 20.00 Party

program sunday June 30th 2024

  • 9.00 Breakfast
  • 10.30 World Cup Opening
  • 11.00 First group stage match
  • 14.30 Knock-out stage
  • 17.00 Finals
  • 18.00 Award ceremony

Registered teams for the 2024 world cup

1you.fruityJoyce MiddelkoopNetherlands
2Sportanders (YOU.FO Friesland)Marko de VriesNetherlands (Friesland)
3YOU.FO CzechiaJakub KameníčekCzech Republic
4Utrecht Olympos 1Rebecca SchinkelNetherlands
5Utrecht Olympos 2Paul PrinssenNetherlands
6Ghent GazellesHanne ZmierczakBelgium
7Team HuitemaJochem GerretsenNetherlands
8BaklavalariaMichiel van den BroekNetherlands
9Team IrelandRoss MurphyIreland
10De StichtingJustin OverboschNetherlands
11De Boerinnen 1Anna HulpiauBelgium
12De Boerinnen 2Elise BoonenBelgium
13YOU.FO AustraliaJerome BuckAustralia
14YOU.FO Korea 1Juyoung ChoSouth Korea
15YOU.FO Korea 2Juyoung ChoSouth Korea
16YOU.FO Korea 3Juyoung ChoSouth Korea
17YOU.FO Japan 1Keisuke MashibaJapan
18YOU.FO Japan 2Keisuke MashibaJapan
19YOU.FO Japan 3Keisuke MashibaJapan
20YOU.FO Japan 4Keisuke MashibaJapan
21YOU.FO Nigeria 1Musa GarubaNigeria
22Sport College Utrecht 1Paul van der SteurNetherlands
23Sport College Utrecht 2Paul van der SteurNetherlands
24YOU.FO Nigeria 2Musa GarubaNigeria
25YOU.FO Nigeria 3Musa GarubaNigeria
26Sportconnector 1.0Tessa BultenNetherlands
27Sportconnector 2.0Tessa BultenNetherlands
28SportaroundBert MisplonBelgium
29YOU.FO UgandaSsemkawa IsaacUganda
30Team CanadaOlivier LalondeCanada
31Team USAKristin GilmoreUSA
32Kandinsky Molenhoek StrongestBritt SchoenakerNetherlands
33Team SLaMMegane Cortes DezanFrance
34BosjesThijs BosNetherlands
35Kandinsky Molenhoek FittestKarsten WielersNetherlands