Join the global YOU.FO movement. Become part of our community and join one of the fastest growing sports games in the World.

  1. Find an YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross Hub. These hubs provide or offers learn2play workshops, equipment (for rental), single activities
    (events) or weekly trainings.
  2. Find a team (or player) nearby. To join or compete against this team.
  3. Start your own team or Hub.

= YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross Hub

= YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross Team

The benefits of starting your own YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross (Powered by YOU.FO) Hub

It is possible to become part of the global movement and legacy. You can join an official YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross Hub and experience all the benefits such as:

  • Wholesale price (discount) on official YOU.FO equipment
  • Wholesale price (discount) on official YOU.FO merchandise
  • Generating income through hardware sales, organizing workshops and/or organizing events

What do you need to do in order to become an official YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross Hub?

Proud partners of the Ultimate Ringcross World Federation (Powered by YOU.FO)

Mini documentary YOU.FO World Cop 2023

What is the YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross World Federation and what do they have to offer?

The YOU.FO Ultimate Ringcross World Federation (Powered by YOU.FO) is the official and globally used sports federation that is paving its way to the Olympics.

This federation is used for the development of the official sports game of YOU.FO, named Ultimate Ringcross. Being already played in 25+ countries in 5 different continents, the dream of Ultimate Ringcross is to become Olympic.

For that reason, Ultimate Ringcross is paving its way to become official member of ARISF and IOC.

“We are very proud that the Ultimate Ringcross World Federation hosted their 2024 World Cup in our city centre.”

— Jorgi Swimberghe
Head of Sports | City Bruges Belgium

“Ultimate Ringcross (YOU.FO) is a beautiful sport. It has the potential to for sports participation worldwide.”

— Anneke van Zanen- Nieberg
Chairwoman NOC*NSF (National Dutch Olympic Committee)

“This will be the biggest event we ever hosted. with a unique festival vibe, including foodtrucks and side-events.”

— Giel Bos
Director of sports | YOU.FO World

““bruges as a innovative sports city is once again being highlighted with this amazing international event.”

Franky Demon (CD&V)
Sports Councilor | City of Bruges Belgium

“Really looking forward to being part of this amazing event, community and group of people again.”

— Juyoung Cho
Coach | YOU.FO South Korea

Our monthly challenge

JULY: Throw the YOU.FO ring in a basket or trashcan, make a video with us and share it with us in order to get 15 points for the World Cup for your team.

Trickshot Thursday – video example.

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