Our latest YOU.FO World Cup

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On Sunday June 18th, the official YOU.FO World Cup took place at stadium HC ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands. With 40 teams competing, from various nationalities from 4 different continents, it was an amazing success and we are already planning the 2024 World Cup (Belgium) and 2025 World Cup (Japan or Korea).

After an exciting final, Team Japan defeated Team Canada, with a final score of 7-6 for Team Japan. You can watch the full final of our 2023 World Cup here.

For a extended version of the after movie, including interviews, check this video.

Aftermovie official YOU.FO World Cup 2023

previous you.fo cup winners

Ways to play

Freestyle (one versus one)

Enjoy playing YOU.FO and improve your skills. Master the forehand, backhand, overhead and floorsweep throwing move.
Learn more at you.fo/world.

Fun games (one versus one or two versus two)

  • Make 2 squares
  • Score by grounding the ring in the opponent’s square
  • Change turns when the ring is caught or when the ring lands outside of the opponent’s square.
  • Throw the ring above shoulder level.
  • First player to have 11 points wins.

Dynamic team games (three versus three or five versus five)

Rules for yOU.FO ZONE

  • Scoring: A point is scored when a player successfully catches the ring in the opponent’s scoring zone.
  • Passing: Throw and catching the ring with your stick.
  • Running: Not allowed to run with the ring on your stick, only pivot.
  • Defending: Intercepting a throw, ‘blocking’ or ‘claiming’ the ring.
  • Blocking: Tactical positioning in front of ring possessive player. For tactical and safety reasons.
  • Claiming: If the ring isn’t caught, anyone can claim it by being the first to tap inside the ring with your stick.
  • Personal zone: Each player needs to have at least arm and stick length distance from the ring possessive player.
  • No out of bounds: There is no out of bounds in YOU.FO, both teams agree on the scoring zone size and if the ring lands outside of these scoring zones. Just claim the ring and continue playing.

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