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upcoming events

YOU.FO Christmas Cup – December 19, 2022

Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Official World CUp – june 18th, 2023

‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Ways to Play

Freestyle (one versus one)

Enjoy playing YOU.FO and improve your skills. Master the forehand, backhand, overhead and floorsweep throwing move.
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Fun games (one versus one or two versus two)

  • Make 2 squares
  • Score by grounding the ring in the opponent’s square
  • Change turns when the ring is caught or when the ring lands outside of the opponent’s square.
  • Throw the ring above shoulder level.
  • First player to have 11 points wins.

Dynamic team games (three versus three or five versus five)

Rules for playing

Scoring: A point is scored when a successfully catches the ring (which is thrown from outside the scoring zone) in the opponents scoring zone.

Passing and Running: Not allowed to run with the ring on your stick, only pivot. Need to pass by throwing and catching using your stick.

Defending: Intercepting a throw, ‘block’ or ‘claim’ the ring.

Claiming: If the ring falls on the ground, you continue playing. It can be claimed by being the first player to put the top of your stick when the ring is laying horizontal on the ground.

Blocking: Tactical position in front of ring possessive player. Only one player can block at the same time and he or she needs to stand arm + stick length distance.

Continue playing at all time: There is no out of bound, the ring can be claimed everywhere, also in the scoring zone.

Fairplay: It is a fairplay game, without a referee, so if an unclear situation arises (e.g. both players claim at the same time) simply use stone, paper, scissors to decide.