our story

YOU.FO is an innovative sports and leisure game based throwing an aerodynamic ring with sticks. It requires concentration, strength, flexibility and cooperation. Although the basic skills are easy to learn, YOU.FO will continue to challenge players to improve their skills, and to invent new game concepts.

YOU.FO can be played one-on-one or in teams, with goals or freestyle, in city parks, on sports fields or at the beach.

YOU.FO has its origins in Bas Ruyssenaars his teenage years in the Netherlands. He loved creating his own outdoor games and that’s how he once launched his dog’s rubber ring with a long wooden stick.

Playing around Bas discovered that he could make the ring fly pretty far. Fast forward years later and in 2010 Bas decided to turn the initial idea into a dynamic and fun game together with a team of industrial designers, sports teachers and first followers Giel Bos & Tim Konings.

The patented sports game won several awards and is played both as a fun leisure activity and as an official team game in communities in over 25 countries around the globe. Now it’s your turn to learn the basics and have fun in your journey to become a YOU.FO master!

About YOU.FO (Bas Ruyssenaars, founder and CEO, and Giel Bos at Dragon's Den TV show)
Bas Ruyssenaars and Giel Bos

awards and recognition

our Achievements

  • Finalist Decathlon Marketplace Pitch Day – 2021
  • Winner Dutch Sport Innovator Award – 2016
  • Official Demonstrative Sports game at the CSIT World Sport Games – 2015 (Italy) & 2017 (Latvia)
  • PDMA Most Inspiring Innovation Award – 2013
  • Finalist ISPO Brand New Award – 2013
  • European PROFIT Innovation Award – 2012

numbers and figures

  • Already played in 25 countries
  • Already played in 5 continents
  • Already played in 1000+ schools
  • Already played in 10.000+ households
  • Already played by 15.000 players globally
  • Working together with #1 manufacturing partner from India
  • Official World Cup 2023 in the Netherlands with over 50+ teams from all over the world

“Since YOU.fo is such a new concept, people have to first grasp the basic techniques of throwing and catching. so, i love the moment when they manage to throw and successfully catch for the first time. you always see a big smile on their face for ‘mastering’ the basics’.
With teams, i love it when players succeed in passing successfully using the full width and length of the field to get to the scoring zone. Because of the slow motion of the aerodynamics, it gives players a time to follow the flight pattern and anticipate the next move.”

— Bas Ruyssenaars
YOU.FO Founder and CEO


Our dream

YOU.FO wants to become a globally celebrated unique, inclusive and innovative sports and leisure game for all, using YOU.FO World as an online and offline platform for our community.

If you LOVE YOU.FO, regardless of the level you play at, you are most welcome to join our global community. Because there are no bureaucratic structures within YOU.FO, you can just join YOU.FO World and be part of our community, play matches, join competitions and tournaments.

our values

Sport is for all and we believe that YOU.FO can bring joy to all lives. It engages everyone to move, play, and compete together with people of a panoply of backgrounds, ages, and abilities.

Playing YOU.FO ensures a smile on your face! YOU.FO is “easy to play, fun to master”, we experience that players experience the feeling of competence while improving. This makes people feel more self-esteemed.

Our team

Bas Ruyssenaars
CEO & Founder
Jochem Gerretsen
Giel Bos
Director of Sports & Developing Partner
Guus Fonken
Instructor & Content Creator
Megane Cortes
Marketing & Sales
Tim Konings
Instructor & Developing partner
Zeke Bailes
Promoter USA
Pascal Racicot
Promoter Canada
Johan van der Woude
Senior Designer & Developing partner
Tim Taggert
Promoter USA