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Learn the basics

watch the video

How to Play

Step 1 – Start

Hold the stick horizontally with point facing upwards at shoulder height.

Step 2 – Push & Pull

Pull your left arm towards your chest and at the same time push your right arm forward and out.

Step 3 – Stop & Fly

Make a sudden stop by pointing in the throwing direction. The ring will take off and fly.

Step 4 – Catch

Anticipate and keep your eye on the ring.  

Getting started

It takes at least 2 to play YOU.FO

YOU.FO is designed for playing and having fun together. You just need to find yourself at least one friend, colleague or family member to play YOU.FO with. Find other players or different play variations here.

Can’t wait to get started with YOU.FO? Here is what you need.

Choose your YOU.FO gear

What is your level and style? Start with YOU.FO FUN for easy play and leisure. Or gear up to YOU.FO PRO for competitive play. The YOU.FO FUN equipment is lighter, shorter and softer for easier usage (throwing distance 5-15 mita) in comparison to YOU.FO PRO equipment, which is curved for optimal launching and catching position (throwing distance 10-30 mita). Find your gear here.

Is YOU.FO suitable for you?