guaranteed fun for your whole family

“Played with the whole family. it was a big success. fairly easy to learn, but a fun challenge to get better. my 8-year-old son wouldn’t stop playing with his grandpa.”

— Arnoud

“our 11-year-old son loves it and is getting better and better at it. ”

— Elly
YOU.FO Fun Set

“Excellent for playing at the beach with my children. We had so much fun together!”

— Steven
YOU.FO Fun Set

play it at the beach, in a park or in your own backyard


  • Healthy fun for everyone
  • Exciting fun and dynamic games
  • Perfect for all ages and skill levels
  • Endless hours of fun and competition
  • Gets everyone off their phones
  • Enjoyed by thousands of households

health benefits

  • Increased mental acuity
  • Arm exercise above hearth level
  • Full-body strengthening workout
  • Socialization
  • Good for mental health
  • Improve cardiovascular health

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where can I play YOU.FO and how can I ensure safety?
  • YOU.FO can be played everywhere, on each surface, at anytime. Make sure to have some space and be aware of your surroundings.
  • The YOU.FO equipment is durable and safe, specially the YOU.FO FUN ring is very soft and has low impact. Safe for everyone.


  • What equipment is most suitable for my child?
  • There are two product lines, YOU.FO FUN and YOU.FO PRO.
  • We advise YOU.FO FUN for younger children and a steeper learning curve (5-15 meters).
  • We advise YOU.FO PRO for children from 12 years old who want to have big excitement (10-30 meters).


  • How can I play YOU.FO?
  • YOU.FO is versatile and can be played in many ways. You can play it freestyle or competitive, one-on-one or in teams, etc.
  • If you have a single set (two sticks and one ring), most fun is our square game. You try to ground the grind in your opponents square. Check this video.

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