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We’re looking for highly-motivated and enthusiastic college students to help create a buzz around our new sport game, and get people playing YOU.FO! We have a limited number of positions available. Those accepted will receive training, host games and events, and score free merchandise and swag to hand out on campus. We’re wide open to your creativity and ideas as well.

Responsibilities include:

  • Playing YOU.FO
  • Getting others to play YOU.FO
  • Showing yourself playing YOU.FO on social media
  • Playing YOU.FO in your sleep
  • Hooking people up with YOU.FO swag & online discounts

You will be in charge of introducing other students to YOU.FO, and spreading awareness about the exciting new sport from Europe. Students need to be active on Instagram and Facebook for social outreach missions. As a Campus Rep, you will have goals to fulfill like organizing a 5 v 5 game. In terms of compensation, it is based on referrals you get for sales. Each time someone uses your unique discount code, you get compensated $10. You also get a free YOU.FO set when you are accepted.

Brand ambassadors are expected to host events on campus every semester. After each event, they are to submit a summary comprising of an event description and photos. The benefits of being an ambassador are many. You develop vital social and sales skills, and gain experience in public relations, event planning, and marketing. Not to mention starting and growing a YOU.FO club on campus would look great on your resume!


  • Be socially active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or SnapChat.
  • College student with at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Must have a passion for sports
  • Active in sports or recreational sport activities
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