Lesson 6 Warming up

//Lesson 6 Warming up

Lesson 6 Warming up

Become a master

Warming up

Monkey in the middle


  • Point out a “monkey”
  • The monkey stands in the middle and the others form a circle around him
  • The monkey tries to intercept the ring while the other players are throwing the ring to each other
  • When the ring gets caught by the monkey, that person becomes a player and the person who touched the ring last is the new monkey
  • When the ring falls on the ground and the monkey claims it first, the monkey becomes a player and the player that touched the ring last will be the new monkey

Tips & tricks

  • Too easy? Play it with more than one monkeys
  • Too easy? The monkey has to intercept the ring two times before switching spots
  • Change up groups, so all players play with different players
  • Add some music for more fun and energy!
Warming up
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